Projects Resource Efficiency consulting

Less is More

Delivery of Resource Efficiency consulting services to industrial and commercial businesses for the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Sustainability Advantage program – leading workshops, providing facilitation and solutions.

Through the program, assisted over 40 industrial and commercial businesses, state government departments and local councils to achieve significant cost reductions by reducing waste and using less energy, water and raw materials.

Examples of some projects arising from the resource efficiency process…

Golf and Food – Synergy – regional NSW

Feasibility study to treat effluent water from food manufacturing plant for irrigation of local golf course

Conducted feasibility study on proposal to treat and re-use food manufacturing plant’s waste water for irrigation of golf course, parks and gardens in regional NSW town. Project has potential to “drought-proof” the golf course and deliver substantial water and cost savings.

Building Products Manufacturer – Sydney

Proposal to re-use waste material from one building product manufacturing process as input to another process on a different site

Developed proposal and facilitated project to trial stage, to divert off-specification product waste from landfill by re-using it to supplement raw material used in manufacturing another building product.

Food Manufacturer – Sydney region

Zero-waste-to-landfill target action plan

Assisted development of Waste Reduction Action Plan to define requirements for meeting the company’s zero-waste-to-landfill target and timing. Set up guidelines and process for getting company internal stakeholders and technical resources together to develop a roadmap to reach the target. Company is on track to meet the target.